HELENSBURGH Netball Club’s first team secured their first win of the season in dramatic fashion with a 41-40 win over their Glasgow Caledonian University counterparts.

And it was quite a game: full of fast-paced action throughout the court, and with Helensburgh showing some terrific teamwork from start to finish to secure a real morale-boosting win.

The super shooting combo of Carly and Katie saw some fabulous goals scored, and some smooth movement around the circle.

A tough GCU1 defence kept them busy, but the Helensburgh girls rallied and got the better of their respective markers time after time.

Relentless efforts from coach Carly saw her out-manoeuvre her GD to receive some accurate passes, then converting on into a goal. Once again, she scored some fantastic long range goals and had her fair share at close range too.

Katie’s movement around the goal third was impressive and effective: her great communication with fellow shooter Carly and the other HNC1 attackers, helped secure the ball, and convert possession into those all important goals.

Mid-court saw a solid and strong performance throughout from LK, Yaz and super sub Helen. LK as centre was ‘the voice’ of the Helensburgh team, with her positivity and vocals during gameplay crucial to the team effort.

Strong and well placed passes from LK were key throughout the game both in attack as well as when supporting the defence.

Yaz, returning from injury in WA, kept up with the fast pace of the game with ease, and her positioning and consistently accurate feeds into the circle proved essential to the Helensburgh game plan, while super sub EP Helen was amazing in WD, working tirelessly against a fast GCU WA and providing an integral link between the defence and mid-court players.

No less vital were defenders Seonaid and Jenny, who gave the GCU1 shooters all sorts of problems throughout the game – with Seonaid, on her Helensburgh debut, settling straight into her defensive role, using her experience and intelligence to mark her opponent effectively throughout.

A well deserved ‘player of the match’ went to coach Carly for her all-round awesome play.