HELENSBURGH Bowling Club’s members have appointed their new office bearers for the year as the countdown begins to the start of the new outdoor season.

The club’s annual general meeting on February 14 saw Elizabeth Fraser elected as the club’s new president, with Roger Jones moving to the office of immediate past president.

John Stead was re appointed as the treasurer, while Susan Claisse was elected as the new ladies’ captain, with Edouard Claisse being re-elected as the gents’ captain.

The directors who continued in office from 2018 were as follows: Liz Smith, Sandra Hosie, Jeny Jones, and past president Allan Howie (gents’ match secretary).

New directors elected for the year were past presidents George Sneddon and Eric Wallace, along with Veronica Bell as ladies’ match secretary, Gary Mackie and Lesley Healy.

Immediate past president Patrica McCallan retired by rotation.

The joint opening of the greens for both ladies and gents will be on Saturday, April 13 and will be performed by the new president.

The picture shows the following office bearers.

Seated L-R: Susan Claisse, Roger Jones, Elizabeth Fraser, Edouard Claisse, John Stead and Veronica Bell BEM. Standing L-R: Jeny Jones, Gary Mackie, Lesley Healey, Liz Smith, George Sneddon and Eric Wallace.

Allan Howie and Irene Wallace were unable to attend.