LOMOND School reopened its doors to over 200 alumni returning to take part in the annual Former Pupils’ Sports Weekend.

The event, which has taken place since the school was established and has become a key date in the diary for Lomond alumni, provided an opportunity for former pupils to remain in touch with each other and spend time in the town.

This year’s event was extra special, with depute head Alister Minnis, who enforces strong connections between the school and its alumni, celebrating his 25th anniversary at the school.

Lomond hosted football matches with under and over 21s teams playing against a current school team, with the over 21s captained by Aidan Walker winning comfortably against the competition.

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A netball tournament took place in the sports hall, where a former pupil side played against the current team, with the former pupils captained by Mackenzie Serpell taking the victory.

Record numbers of participants joined the annual hockey match, and a new touch rugby tournament was introduced by PE teacher Craig Dunlop, with six teams of mixed ages and genders taking part in two sets of pool, before the crown was won by ‘U Can’t Touch This’, captained by Calum Pender.

Hungry sportspeople were fed by a bar and barbecue which was run by the school's award-winning catering team, Inspire Catering.

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Mr Minnis said: “The day was great fun and saw huge enthusiasm from all taking part.

"Having been a part of the weekend for over 20 years now, it was great to see a significant increase in the numbers attending this year, which reflects the celebration of Lomond School’s 40th anniversary earlier this year.

“We are very keen to keep this momentum going and would like to encourage all former pupils, parents and staff to join the Lomond School Association Facebook group to keep up to date with opportunities to stay in touch.

“We would love to see as many former pupils and friends of the school at upcoming events as possible.”

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