A HELENSBURGH football team is to gift shirt sponsorship for the 2019-20 season to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, as a thank you for the care it provided to the daughter of a club coach.

Helensburgh FC 2010s, a squad of around 20 boys and girls who train and play every week, will raise funds to help cover the initial costs of the kit and to help them make a separate donation to the charity.

The club has set up a crowdfunding page and is seeking the support of the local community and businesses to raise £1,000 – half to cover the costs of the kit, and half to be donated to the charity.

To lead by example, all players and coaches will take part in a sponsored walk at Glen Fruin this Saturday, and have committed to a second fund-raising activity in the spring.

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Any money raised in excess of the £1,000 target will be donated in full to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

David Young is a coach with the club, and is indebted to the Royal Hospital for Children – which is supported by the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity – for the care its staff provided to his daughter Olivia over the summer.

David said: “We recognise that not all local businesses can spare £500 overnight to help a local football team.

“However many may wish to support.

“This method of sponsorship fund-raising allows such business or individuals to donate and become a friend of the club at whatever level they can afford.

“Even more importantly, should our fund-raising be successful we will be able to promote the great work of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity throughout season 2019-20, as well as generating more money through events to donate to what is a brilliant cause.

“My family’s experience over the summer was a reminder of just how important the charity is.

“That importance is relevant to all the children and families connected to the club; you just don’t know the moment when you might need such amazing care.

“We all hope we can use this opportunity to highlight the great work of the hospital and charity and to raise more funds to enable them to help more kids in the future.”

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Anyone interested in contributing to the charity sponsorship can do so at justgiving.com/crowdfunding/david-young-544.

The suggested minimum donation for businesses is £50.

Kirsten Sinclair, chief operating officer, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity said: “We are delighted to have the support of the players, coaches and families of Helensburgh FC 2010s.

“Their fundraising efforts will ensure that children like Olivia can receive extra special care and treatment at Scotland’s busiest children’s hospital.

“We’d like to wish everyone the best of luck with the sponsored walk this weekend, and say a huge ‘thank you’ for their generosity.”

Helensburgh FC 2010s play in the Dumbarton Youth Football League (seven-a-sides) every weekend, and train at Hermitage Academy on Wednesday evenings.

Led by five coaches and volunteers, they are part of the wider Helensburgh Football Club family.

Find out more about the club at helensburghfootballclub.co. uk or by searching for Helensburgh Football Club on Facebook.