A DAY of high scores saw Andy Bennett and Dougie Mitchell emerge as clear winners in week six of the Tennents Winter League competition at Helensburgh Golf Club on Sunday.

Playing off winter greens because of the overnight frost, some 39 pairs scored more than 40 stableford points – a fantastic performance – with Andy and Dougie recording 53 points and finishing two clear of the chasing field.

Also breaking 50 points in second place with 51 points were Ben Armstrong and Stephen Ford.

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Three pairs returned scores of 48 points – Gordon Murdoch and Dave Allan, Calum Kennedy and Alistair Cairns, and Neil Sloan and Chris Stewart, with Neil and Stewart receiving the third prize of two sleeves of golf balls thanks to the better inward half.

Fifteen substitutes were used to cover the absent players and the field recorded 25 twos.

The players also took part in a Poppy Scotland raffle, with the winning prize donated by their representative, David McCallum, which was well received.

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At this stage of the competition, team scores range between 781 points and 845 points, with Don Griffin’s team still top of the overall standings, 12 points ahead of Alan Bell’s team.

Two pairs, Dougie Singleton and John Gallacher and Paul Rattrey and Jonny Boult, share the top eclectic score of 57 stableford points.

Another dry and enjoyable day of golf was experienced by all; the tournament concludes on November 24.

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