ONE of Helensburgh's biggest sporting events is less than three months away – and with thoughts already turning to the Babcock Helensburgh 10K, we're kicking off a 10-week training programme to get you into shape for the race.

Whether you’re an experienced club runner or an absolute beginner, Rio Olympic marathon runner Sonia Samuels’ training programme is suitable for all ability levels.

Over the next 10 weeks Sonia will set out a day-by-day programme to ensure you’re in the best condition possible for the Babcock 10K Series, which starts in Helensburgh on May 7, with further races in Dumbarton on May 14 and on Glasgow Green on Sunday, May 31.

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The ‘week one’ programme to get you started looks like this...

Club runners:

Monday – easy 40-45min run (or an optional rest day).

Tuesday – 15min easy running warm-up, followed by 8x400m strides at 88-90secs, then 90secs recovery, followed by 10-15min easy running warm-down.

Wednesday – 40-45min recovery run – run as you feel, with no checking pace!

Thursday – 5-6 miles with the last two miles at 7.20mins-per-mile pace; then 3 mins rest; then 8x150m hill sprints, with jog back recovery.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – 15min warm-up, 3x10min at 7.10mins-per-mile pace, 10mins warm down.

Sunday – 75min easy running off-road.

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Monday – rest day.

Tuesday – warm-up of 10mins easy running, then 8x75sec at 5mins per km; then 1min recovery; then 10min easy running warm down.

Wednesday – 30min easy recovery run (or optional rest day).

Thursday – 6km run, starting easy, then picking up the last 2km to 5.30-5.45mins per km.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – warm-up of 15mins, then 4x5mins at 5-5.10mins per km, with 2-3mins recovery between efforts, then a 10min warm-down.

Sunday – 10km easy running.

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Monday – rest day.

Tuesday – warm-up of 10mins easy running, then 4x2min at 6-6.10mins per km pace, with 3min walk/jog recovery; then a 10min easy running warm-down.

Wednesday – rest day.

Thursday – 25mins easy running, with the last 5mins at 6.30mins per km pace.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – 3-5km easy running.

Sunday – rest day.

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