UP-AND-COMING Helensburgh rally star Fraser Anderson has re-lived the “gut-wrenching” moment when he watched his car being destroyed in a fire.

Fraser was taking part in a pre-event test at the end of August with 2018 British rally champion Matt Edwards when his Ford Fiesta R2 went up in flames.

The teenager is now hoping that businesses in the Helensburgh and Lomond area can help him realise his rallying dream by contributing towards the cost of a newer, and better, model in which he hopes to compete in 2021.

The test was being held as drivers in the BTRDA British Rally Championship, and the event’s R2 Cup in which Fraser is – or was – a competitor, were preparing for the series to resume after it was put on hold as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

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Looking back at the incident, Fraser said: “We had a very productive morning and there was a vast improvement in the speed and feel of the car.

“Then during one of the runs in the afternoon I began to smell burning. I immediately pulled over and as soon as Matt opened his door there was fire trying to get inside the car.

“We did everything we could to try and douse the flames but there was just no stopping it. The flames only subsided after the fire services arrived by which time it was already too late.

“We believe it was a fuel related issue, but watching all of the effort, time, money and development quite literally burn right in front of your eyes is really a gut wrenching experience that I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.

“This kind of incident can destroy someone’s career and confidence, but not me. I refuse to give up on my dreams and ambitions and am determined to come back even stronger than before.”

Fraser is now working on putting together the finance to buy a Fiesta R2T – a sizeable step up from the R2 he drove in the early stages of this season – to compete in the BRC Academy series in 2021.

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“This will take my career to a more international level with huge exposure and media coverage of every event,” Fraser continued.

“We will be embarking on rallies in England, Wales, Ireland and also across Europe.

“Unfortunately we receive no support financially from Motorsport UK, so I have to look for support from elsewhere.

“It does make things significantly more difficult for me but I am confident I can get there with the help of some motivated and ambitious companies that have strong roots within the UK.

“I am aware of the financial strain companies may be under, due to the coronavirus lockdown. However I would really appreciate and welcome any assistance that any company can offer.”

Anyone who would like to give corporate support to help get Fraser’s career back on track can get in touch with Fraser on 07852 382452 or fraserande@gmail.com, or his dad George on georgeande@btinternet.com or 07891 813062.

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