LUSS boxer Hannah Rankin plans to return to her preferred super-welterweight level for her next fight after her bid for the WBO women’s world middleweight crown ended in defeat on Saturday.

Referee Phil Edwards brought the fight to a stop with just one second of round seven remaining after a dominant performance from the former Hermitage Academy pupil’s opponent, Hartlepool’s Savannah Marshall.

The fight had been rescheduled from October 17 when it was postponed after Marshall’s trainer tested positive for Coronavrius.

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An even first round could have gone either way on the judges’ scorecards, but Marshall began to take control in the remaining two-minute rounds.

Rankin wasn’t one for backing down, however, and took everything her opponent threw at her whilst finding some blows of her own.

That was until a flurry of shots late in the seventh forced Rankin down to a knee, and although she was back on her feet before the ten count, the referee brought the fight to an end.

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Rankin told her opponent afterwards: “You were too big for me in the ring and strong. It’s a beautiful belt, it suits you. You deserve it and worked hard for it. There’s no bad blood.”

She also tweeted out to her Twitter followers that she suffered a burst eardrum in the match. She said on Sunday morning: “I’m back at the hotel and out of hospital. No broken bones, scans all clear, tho I picked up a burst eardrum somewhere in the fun! Congrats to @Savmarshall1 @peterfury on the win last night. I’m going to rest and I’ll be back at 154/157 lbs. Thanks for the support!”

Marshall replied: “Thank you for the fight, biggest heart in boxing.”

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