It has been another jam-packed sailing season for Helensburgh Sailing Club, but it is time to celebrate the achievement of the town's youngest sailors.

Children from the local area took part in training across two evenings a week this year with a total of 37 members attending each week to learn all things sailing.

And three of the club's members have navigated their own way to success by attending worldwide competitions.

Andrew Perratt travelled to the Optimist European Championships, held in Thessaloniki, Greece in July, to qualify for GBR Optimist European Team 2023.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Andrew Perratt travelled to France in July this yearAndrew Perratt travelled to France in July this year (Image: Helensburgh Sailing Club)

Logan Brown attended the French Optimist Nationals in Perros-Guirec in Brittany in the same month.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Logan competing in FranceLogan competing in France (Image: Helensburgh Sailing Club)

And Tristan Somerville attended the Topper World Championships in Cork, Ireland - having joined HSC from a non-sailing background.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Tristan came from a non-sailing background before joining the clubTristan came from a non-sailing background before joining the club (Image: Helensburgh Sailing Club)

He placed 10th overall in the silver fleet and has now secured a place in the RYA Scottish Topper Performance Squad for winter ’23-’24. 

Susan Miskelly, principal and chief instructor, told the Advertiser: "We run all the Royal Yachting Association youth training so they can achieve their certificates. They are transferable anywhere if they were to go to another sailing school or abroad.

"A huge part of the training is about what do they wear, how do you get the boat rigged up and the sails up, and how do you get off the beach.

"You have to teach them, step by step, all of these things. There is a whole programme and as they go through the stages it becomes more advanced."

Helensburgh Advertiser: 37 members in the local area attended the junior training session37 members in the local area attended the junior training session (Image: Helensburgh Sailing Club)

Susan continued: "It is a sport that allows children to be independent that they can't in other sports. Once they have learned the core skills it becomes their freedom. It is just a big adventure and that is the fun of it. 

"In terms, of Tristan's story, we advertised a day to the community to invite them down to try out the boats. Tristan and his family turned up thinking it would just be a fun afternoon, and he started coming to sailing and training.

"He then applied for a grant for a boat and was awarded it, which is a significant cost to the trust that provided the boat. However, he showed his keeness and promise, so they felt he deserved it - and eventually he will become one of our Helpers."

With summer now a fast-disappearing memory, the club's activities are winding down for the season, but Susan thanked everyone of their members, volunteers and community for their continued support.

Anyone with a child who will be eight or older before May next year who would like to add them to the club's youth section waiting list can email to find out more.