Lomond and Helensburgh edged out Paisley in a tight clash in Renfrewshire during an action-packed game on Saturday.

In an electrifying showdown on September 30, rugby enthusiasts gathered in Paisley to witness a gripping contest between the sides' first teams.

The spectators were treated to an action-packed game that saw both teams giving their all, with the final score ultimately favoring Lomond and Helensburgh 23-20.

The match began with a strong start from L&H as they launched a relentless attack from the kick-off courtesy of Warren Smith.

Their initial push was effective, gaining them ground deep into Paisley's territory. However, Paisley's stout defense managed to clear the ball back to the halfway line.

L&H, undeterred, executed a brilliant lineout to the right wing, which led to a penalty in their favor. The ensuing kick found touch inside Paisley's 22, setting the stage for a crucial lineout throw-in by Scott Smith.

The ball was then swiftly distributed along the line to T-Jay Lambert on the left, who powered through for a try, drawing first blood for L&H. The scoreboard read 7-0 in favour of the away team.

Paisley, keen on making a comeback, initiated a strong restart. Their efforts bore fruit as they pushed deep into L&H's 22. However, a penalty for holding on proved to be a setback for Paisley.

L&H cleared the ball to Paisley's 22, with Waz exhibiting his kicking prowess. The seesaw battle continued with Paisley launching an attacking drive, only to result in a forward pass by L&H, relinquishing possession back to the visitors.

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Paisley's strong scrum put them in an advantageous position, and they went on the offensive. The 19th minute witnessed Paisley's sustained attack, leading to a penalty right in front of L&H's posts.

Opting for a scrum, Paisley pushed the ball out to the left wing, but an exceptional try-saving tackle by Brian Lovell prevented them from crossing the line. Nevertheless, Paisley held the advantage and earned another scrum in front of the posts. Another fierce scrum ensued, with Paisley pushing hard, and L&H's fortune lay in getting the ball out just in time.

However, a mishandling of the ball resulted in another knock-on from L&H, allowing Paisley to maintain the pressure. This persistence paid off as Paisley eventually breached L&H's defence and scored a try. The conversion was missed, but Paisley narrowed the gap, with the score now standing at 7-5 in favor of the home team.

The 23rd minute saw L&H's strong restart pushing them deep into Paisley's half. Unfortunately, a knock-on during a L&H scrum handed the ball back to Paisley, who managed to clear the ball into touch. The game continued with an exchange of penalties, lineouts, and scrums, as both teams fiercely contested possession and territory. Both teams started to struggle with discipline and continuous errors.

As halftime approached, L&H managed to capitalize on a penalty kick attempt, with Waz successfully converting the penalty, taking the score to 10-5. Paisley, however, mounted a spirited comeback, demonstrating their resilience with a strong restart. Their tenacity paid off, resulting in a try that levelled the score at 10-10. Just prior to half time L&H gained another penalty, which Was slotted between the posts.

The second half began with both teams striving to gain the upper hand. Paisley managed to pull ahead with another try, making it 13-15. L&H continued to push, and with an advantage due to a high tackle, they kicked for the corner.

David Sterry managed to collect the ball and score a crucial try. The conversion was successful, putting L&H in the lead at 20-15. As the game entered its final stages, both teams fought valiantly, and the tension on the field was palpable.

Paisley staged a comeback with a powerful maul that resulted in a try, equalizing the score at 20-20. With only minutes remaining, the game hung in the balance. L&H's relentless attack was met with stiff opposition from Paisley, but a yellow card was shown to Charlie Mackenzie for diving into a ruck, giving Paisley an opportunity to clear the ball.

A series of scrums ensued, with Paisley showing dominance but conceding a penalty for not releasing the ball. The ball was cleared to L&H's 22 for a lineout. L&H executed a strong lineout and maul, pushing the ball out to the left wing. However, a knock-on resulted in a scrum for Paisley.

In the dying moments of the game, L&H managed to clear the ball to the halfway line. Paisley kicked the ball back, leading to a goal-line drop-out by L&H. L&H's lineout from the drop-out was efficient, but a knock-on by Paisley gave L&H another chance.

Craig Newport made a strong run, but a knock-on inside Paisley's 10m zone led to a scrum. Paisley put up a strong scrum, but they were penalized for offside. L&H seized the opportunity and opted for a penalty kick at the posts, with Waz confidently slotting it through to take the lead at 23-20.

As the clock wound down, Paisley launched one final kickoff, which was deftly played into touch by L&H calling for the final whistle. With a scoreline that could hardly have been closer, L&H luckily emerged victorious gaining their first win of the season.

L&H will definitely need to up their discipline when they face off against Waysiders/Drumpellier at home on October 7 with a 3pm kick off, alongside the L&H second side at home vs Cumnock for another home double header.

Supporters are more than welcome, followed by more Rugby World Cup action open to all the at the club.

1XV Team: Thom Rees (Patron Morag Fraser), Scott Smith (Linda MacDonald Jewellery), Brian Lovell (Morag Fraser), Jack Chapman, Andy Ripo (C) (Townhead Farm), Craig Calderwood (Stewart Travel), Kyle Crossan, Tommy Mackay (No Limits Brewing), Kyle Stevenson (Patron Nick Parry), Warren Smith (Kick10Ball), T-Jay Lambert (Ashlar Consulting), Iwan Cavil, Josh Foster, Reece Court (Superb Performance), Iain Norrie, Craig Norrie, Charlie MacKenzie (Patron Nick Parry), Joel Miller, Dougie King (Bounce, Play & Party), Craig Newport (Mentor Scotland). 

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