Match Report: Lomond-Helensburgh 1XV 35-15 Cumbernauld


Lomond-Helensburgh 1XV overcame Cumbernauld despite being reduced to just 12 men for a period of the match.

When the teams met earlier this season, Cumbernauld won 20-10.

Having finished last season one place ahead of L&H in West 3, Cumbernauld were now above L&H in the West 2 league table with 17 points, L&H with 15 points, sitting 7th & 8th place respectively.

L&H started off strong presenting the visitors with a decisive attack, a combination of along the line and strong runs by the forwards saw Craig Calderwood score the first try of the match with just three minutes played. David Sterry converted: Score 7-0 to Lomond & Helensburgh.

With just eight minutes played, a scrum to Cumbernauld just in the home side's half saw the visitors attempt a clearance kick which was blocked by L&H Craig Newport and turned over into the hands of Craig Calderwood.

The ball was passed out of the ruck by Tom Gray to Joe Bull and then to Kiniviliame Dakuliga who swiftly found gaps in the defence taking the ball from the halfway line in for a try. Converted by David Sterry: Score 14-0 to Lomond & Helensburgh.

Cumbernauld were determined to not the let the scoreline move any further in the favour of L&H and they pushed the home side into their 22m zone. A combination of errors from the home side gave away a penalty to the visitors for not releasing.

A quick tap and go from Cumbernauld just outside the home side's 5m line saw the visitors use the power of their forwards to move the ball over the line for a try. Successfully converted reduced the gap to 14-7.

L&H restarting play again saw the visitors come back strong moving the ball in the L&H half.

Defending decisively, L&H turned the ball over with David Sterry clearing the ball from deep in the L&H half into the hands of Cumbernauld's winger. A dominant tackle, but over the horizontal by Craig Calderwood saw a yellow card with 25 minutes played.

With the home side now with 14 men on the field, Craig Newport moved from the backline to take over as flanker.

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L&H maintained a strong attack edging closer to the line, going through the phases and centre turned flanker Craig Newport was in for a try.

A missed conversion saw the scoreline at 19-7 to L&H with ten minutes remaining in the half.

From the restart, aiming for a score prior to half time, the visitors commence an excellent attack moving the ball along the lines to their backs then using the strength in their forwards to push forward.

A great combination of attacking play saw them in for another try, also missing the conversion, reducing the points gap to 19-12.

Craig Calderwood returned to play just before the end of the half, which saw L&H restart play.

Calderwood moving up to defend at pace saw him mistime the tackle on the Cumbernauld player collecting the ball in the air.

With Calderwood tackling before the opposition player landed, he received another yellow card, making it a red card. L&H finish the first half with 14 men.

The second half started with everything still to play for, with only 7 points between them and L&H one man down, the odds were against the home side for the remainder of the game.

But with just two minutes played in the second half, Cumbernauld also receive a yellow card.

Play continued with both sides now with 14 players. With L&H again mounting a strong defence, they were awarded a penalty that saw David Sterry capitalise on by kicking for goal and increasing the score to 22-12.

A lineout on the away side's 10m line saw Tom Gray quickly pass out to Joe Bull at fly half, passed back inside to Tommy Mackay who powerfully ran through defenders to score, and secured the home side a 4-try Bonus Point. Score 27-12.

However celebrations were short lived with L&H giving away another crucial penalty, and Cumbernauld ensuring to kick the ball over the posts to close the gap again. Score 27-15.

The home side were glutton for punishment with scrum half Tom Gray receiving a yellow card for repeatedly slowing down quick penalties by Cumbernauld. L&H were reduced to 13 men with just over 10 minutes to go.

With five minutes to go, L&H maintained a strong defence with two men down and continued their attack to increase the points difference further, with the visitors giving away another penalty, allowing David Sterry to kick for goal increasing the score to 30-15.

Once again just after the restart it was Craig Newport this time to receive a yellow card, reducing the home side down to just 12 men for a couple of minutes, with Tom Gray returning to the pitch to restart the game from a penalty.

A quick tap from Gray in the home 22m, offloaded out to Ben Farrar who ran the ball straight down field and in for one final try.

With Lomond & Helensburgh securing victory with a try bonus, it saw them move two places up the table to 6th place. Next week sees L&H 1XV take on Bishopton at home, 2pm kick off.

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1XV TeamBrian Lovell (Sponsor Patron Morag Fraser), Scott Smith (Linda MacDonald Jewellery), Craig Norrie (Paul Houghton), Andrew Ripo (C) (Townhead Farm), Jack Chapman, Craig Calderwood (Stewart Travel), Kyle Crossan (Mary Kingshott), Tommy Mackay (No Limits Brewing), Tom Gray, Joe Bull, Ben Farrar, Kiniviliame Dakuliga, Craig Newport (Mentor Scotland), Craig Bowman (Chrystals Shorbread, David Sterry (Argyll Aesthetics), Harry Minchella, Iain Norrie, Tyler Gregson (La Jupe), Charlie MacKenzie (Patron Nick Parry), Nick Fish, Dougie King (Bounce, Play & Party) & Ben Jones.