LOMOND School girls athletics team recently travelled to Glasgow to play a friendly against Craigholme School.

Most of the events avoided the wintery showers. On the track, Charlotte Caskie won the 1500m for the third years and Ava Keating was first in the first year race.

Amirah Hassan in S1 finished first in the 800m and high jump and Sophie Morrison (S1) won the 200m.

Cara Cawley (S3) was first in both the 200m and the high jump and Kirsty Aitchison (S3) was very successful in both the 100m and the long jump.

Molly Muggoch (S1) was first home in the 100m and Jasmin Wells (S3) was second in the shot put along with Nadia Hassan (S3) in the 100m.

In the transitus team, Sophia Black was first in the high jump and a close second in the 200m. Lily Garthwaite finished third in the 600m and then was second in the 80m sprint.

At the end of all the events, both schools finished with the team relays.

Craigholme proved themselves to be the strongest team in both the first years and transitus, but the Lomond School third years won their race.

Craigholme won both the other matches by six points.