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‘Disgraceful’ marine headbutted steward

22 Nov 2014 10:00

A SHERIFF labelled a Royal Marine who headbutted a Helensburgh door steward a disgrace.

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Burgh barber offering free grooming service

21 Nov 2014 19:00

A BURGH barber is offering a free grooming service to moustache clad men taking part in the Movember cancer charity campaign.

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Rogue trader fitted gas cooker illegally

21 Nov 2014 17:00

TRADESMEN have warned householders to be aware of an unqualified handyman who has been conducting ‘shoddy’ work in Helensburgh homes and putting lives at risk.

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Argyll and Bute MSP steps down as Education Secretary

21 Nov 2014 15:30 • Jennifer Russell

ARGYLL and Bute SNP MSP Michael Russell has left his post as Education Secretary in the Scottish Government after a cabinet reshuffle.

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Cash crisis claims dismissed

21 Nov 2014 13:05

CLAIMS of a ‘cash crisis’ within St. Andrew’s Kirk for the funding of new halls have been dismissed.

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New format as golf tournament nears end

THERE was a new format introduced to the 11 hole Proshop Stableford at Helensburgh Golf Club on Saturday.

22 Nov 2014 08:30

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Burgh feel the burn following close defeat

21 Nov 2014 10:30

HELENSBURGH Hockey Club’s first XI had a poor start to blame for a 3-2 home defeat to Kelburne on Saturday.

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New ground plan pleases Sons chief

20 Nov 2014 13:30 • Kyle Crawford

DUMBARTON manager Ian Murray is pleased with the ambition the club is showing by making plans to move to a bigger stadium.

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A look back for Sons

20 Nov 2014 13:30

AS Dumbarton prepare to welcome Hibs in the league this Saturday we take a look back into the Advertiser archives to find a time where Sons were preparing for another big tie.

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UAE visit visa is the dream ticket

Getting a visa is one thing, but getting the right kind of visa quite another when it comes to relatively short-haul trips to Dubai.

4 Aug 2014 14:20

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Ruth Wishart: Women have earned a bit of selfie respect

3 Apr 2014 10:00

No, since you ask, I don’t do selfies! But enough folk now take self portraits on their own phone for the word to have become the most popular new entry to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Jings and crivvens as its editors probably didn’t say.

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Cara Nikolic: A pizza Italian history that swept the world

27 Mar 2014 15:00

If there is one meal that has achieved virtual world domination it has to be pizza.

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Ruth Wishart: Trust us, we're the MOD

20 Mar 2014 10:00

‘Trust us, we’re the MOD’, has never seemed a slogan with much of a comforting ring from where I’m looking.

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Record reviews with Kevin Bryan

This week's new releases:

27 Oct 2014 09:30

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This week's new releases

22 Sep 2014 12:15

KEVIN Bryan takes a look at this week's new releases:

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Diving into Deep Sea adventure

5 Sep 2014 09:30

This is why we’re proud to be offering our readers a special discount for a trip to see this flagship attraction and maritime marvel, with a voucher which will either admit one child completely free (saving £7) when buying an adult ticket, or alternatively admit one adult at 20 per cent off the usual price.

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