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Hopes for John Logie Baird material to come to Helensburgh

30 Jun 2015 17:00

A treasure trove of materials relating to John Logie Baird’s first-ever transmission of trans-Atlantic television pictures is at risk of being exported - unless a UK buyer can be found to match the nearly £80,000 asking price.

Helensburgh public given 100 reasons to enjoy the outdoors

30 Jun 2015 16:00

Charities Act and Food from Argyll are encouraging residents across Helensburgh and Lomond to enjoy a picnic outdoors this summer by offering them a chance to win £100 to spend on enhancing their favourite spot – plus a hamper filled with local produce.

'Green machine' street sweeper bought to keep pavements clean

30 Jun 2015 16:00

THE council has bought a new ‘green machine’ for exclusive use in Helensburgh town centre.

Academy launches new website

30 Jun 2015 15:00

HERMITAGE Academy has launched a new-look school website.

Peninsula park fund boosted by generous donation

30 Jun 2015 12:30

A generous donor has helped boost funds for a peninsula community project - by donating £1000 and securing a spot for a Kilcreggan pupil to be a Scotland mascot for the day.

Helensburgh and Rosneath Peninsula will miss out on Tall Ships

30 Jun 2015 11:30

Sailing enthusiasts on the Firth of Clyde won’t have the pleasure of seeing the Tall Ships off Helensburgh and the Rosneath Peninsula this summer.

Helensburgh MSP calls for football act rethink

30 Jun 2015 07:00

Police launch investigation after man with weapon attempts to rob newsagent

29 Jun 2015 16:30

Helensburgh residents in recycling week plea

29 Jun 2015 16:00

Helensburgh championships' reputation is in the bag

29 Jun 2015 15:00

Tennis Club serves up a treat

29 Jun 2015 12:30

Council faces 'less severe' cuts

29 Jun 2015 12:30Gillian McGee

Daredevil pensioner has a thirst for danger

29 Jun 2015 12:00

Tinkers' Heart monument campaign successful

29 Jun 2015 09:30

Award for Waverley chief exec

29 Jun 2015 07:30

Wild campers' litter 'ruining national park'

26 Jun 2015 17:00

Leiper-designed 'Hell House' on the market

26 Jun 2015 16:50

Firefighters take action on safety

26 Jun 2015 16:30

Lady of the dance who touched the lives of many

26 Jun 2015 16:20

Argyll and Bute Council faces less severe cuts

26 Jun 2015 16:00

Jetty plan aims to stop damage

26 Jun 2015 15:30

Garelochhead man spat and assaulted another man

26 Jun 2015 15:00

Helensburgh janitor accused of sex abuse on girls acquitted after High Court trial

26 Jun 2015 13:30

Helensburgh janitor accused of sex abuse on girls acquitted after High Court trial

26 Jun 2015 13:30

Hermitage Academy bids farewell to four retiring stalwarts

26 Jun 2015 12:00

Helensburgh's Hill House receives major donation towards works.

26 Jun 2015 09:30

Impartial TV


Hermitage Academy 15s celebrate league win

22 Jun 2015 18:00Kyle Crawford

HERMITAGE Academy’s recent footballing success continued with the under-15 squad being crowned GSFA Division Three champions recently.

Helensburgh Amateur Athletics Club set the pace with new records

21 Jun 2015 17:30

LOCAL man Iain Docrwa is starting to turn heads on the ultra running scene after claiming new course records in the Kintyre Way and Dirty 30 races.

Lomond School athlete leaps onto the podium

20 Jun 2015 18:00Kyle Crawford

LOMOND School pupil Emma Scott has been racing ahead of the chasing pack recently — picking up gold medals for the long jump and 100m sprint at national and regional competitions.

Burgh Golf club's Lady Captain’s Day shines in summer sun

19 Jun 2015 13:00

HELENSBURGH Golf Club has had a busy week with as many as four competitions gracing the Burgh course.

Ardencaple clinch league and cup double

18 Jun 2015 15:30

ARDENCAPLE under-14s were presented with the league trophy at the weekend, rounding off a season which also seen them lift the League Cup earlier this month.

Ardencaple seal League Cup

15 Jun 2015 13:30

Scottish Cup heartache for G84 netball

14 Jun 2015 18:30

Ardencaple hosts the youth summer sevens

13 Jun 2015 17:00

Skipper stays as Sons snap up the signatures

12 Jun 2015 14:30Kyle Crawford

Rhu sailors crowned Scottish champions

11 Jun 2015 17:00

Helensburgh's Reid claims first Grand Slam title

9 Jun 2015 12:20Kyle Crawford

Burgh kids shine in youth championships

7 Jun 2015 17:30

Greenkeepers make the cut to seal victory

6 Jun 2015 17:00

Greenkeepers make the cut to seal victory

6 Jun 2015 17:00

Hermitage hosts charity football tournament

5 Jun 2015 18:00

Ardencaple clinch the League Cup

5 Jun 2015 15:01

Farrell turns down top job for Sons role

4 Jun 2015 18:00

Reid leads Britain to world title

4 Jun 2015 08:53

Burns and Gray shine

31 May 2015 17:18


Ruth Wishart: Parent power is not a force to be trifled with

25 Jun 2015 16:00

Word of advice to Argyll and Bute’s newish head of education: mess with parents at your peril.

Ruth Wishart POINT OF VIEW

7 May 2015 13:23

Well here we all are. What a short, sharp election campaign it’s been. Not!

You views on new Council office sculpture

7 May 2015 12:35

As reported in last week’s Advertiser, the artist who created the sculpture on the new council offices hoped it would be ‘an icon’ for the town.

Comment: Our houses are full of potential fire hazards

7 May 2015 12:35

I have always considered myself to quite safety conscious but had to admit that perhaps I should rethink that. How many of us have toasters which sit neatly on our kitchen worktops under kitchen cupboards? How many don’t bother to pull them out when quickly chucking in a couple of slices or a teacake as we run the bath, put on the shower, catch up on our favourite soap, and forget all about it until the lovely smell reminds us? Did you realise that by repeatedly doing that you are slowly building up a layer of animal fat on the underside of your kitchen cupboards and a potential fire risk. I hadn’t thought about it, I do wipe under the cupboards, but perhaps not as frequently as I need to. So what was the first job I did when I got home tonight? One fire hazard dealt with. I am now going to book a fire safety visit and have my flat assessed a service which is free to everyone. An expert and a fresh pair of eyes may spot the things I am missing.

Columnist: We can't afford to drop Barnett Formula

7 May 2015 12:35

We are now witnessing a full-blown crisis in the North Sea. The price of oil is less than half of what the Scottish Government predicted it would be last year.

Comment: Our houses are full of potential fire hazards

23 Jan 2015 15:00

Columnist: We can't afford to drop Barnett Formula

23 Jan 2015 11:00

Ruth Wishart: Risks on assisted dying 'routinely exaggerated'

22 Jan 2015 15:00

Ruth Wishart: Storm warnings don't calm my nerves much

16 Jan 2015 09:30

UAE visit visa is the dream ticket

4 Aug 2014 14:20

Ruth Wishart: Women have earned a bit of selfie respect

3 Apr 2014 10:00

Cara Nikolic: A pizza Italian history that swept the world

27 Mar 2014 15:00

Ruth Wishart: Trust us, we're the MOD

20 Mar 2014 10:00

Ruth Wishart: Fantastic effort from Jamie Taggart fundraisers

13 Feb 2014 10:00

Stuart McMillan: Heartening to see community projects delivering

21 Nov 2013 10:00

What's On

Arts and crafts fun

7 May 2015 12:20

A fun arts and crafts experience for toddlers is held every Monday in Helensburgh.


7 May 2015 12:20

Summer’s on its way and you could be celebrating by winning tickets to Gardening Scotland 2015 for an unmissable day out!

Rock stars Garelochhead tribute

7 May 2015 12:20

FANS of 80s rock will be in for a treat this weekend as singer Stevie Durrand brings the tunes of Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi to life.

Why Cheltenham Gold is the ultimate prize

7 May 2015 12:20

It is the number one date on the National Hunt calendar as the country’s most riveting and challenging jump meeting, and this year will be staged over four action-packed days from March 10 to 13 - with, as ever, thrills and spills aplenty guaranteed.

Cabaret on Cove stage

7 May 2015 12:20

A cabaret show will take place in Cove on Sunday, May 10.

Musical concerts at village hall

7 May 2015 12:20

Nearly new sale in Rhu

7 May 2015 12:20

Ale festival is bigger and better

7 May 2015 12:20

Car boot sale on the Shores

7 May 2015 12:20

Why Cheltenham Gold is the ultimate prize

3 Feb 2015 18:01

Record reviews with Kevin Bryan

8 Dec 2014 09:30

New music releases

1 Dec 2014 09:30

Record reviews with Kevin Bryan

27 Oct 2014 09:30

This week's new releases

22 Sep 2014 12:15

Diving into Deep Sea adventure

5 Sep 2014 09:30

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