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Waters welcome return of exercise Joint Warrior

30 Sep 2014 17:00

THE Clyde is set to host a ‘massive’ military exercise in October when Exercise Joint Warrior 142 begins.

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Farmyard fun at church

30 Sep 2014 15:00

THE phrase ‘Messy Church’ took on a whole new meaning in Cardross this weekend when local farmer Jim Kinloch, of Walton Farm, brought his tractor down to the village church.

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18 month prison term for attacker

30 Sep 2014 13:00

A MAN has been locked up for 18 months after assaulting his girlfriend in a Helensburgh flat.

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Pupils delighted with new play equipment

30 Sep 2014 11:00

PUPILS at John Logie Baird Primary have been enjoying their new adventure playground – which was installed during the summer.

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Driver hospitalised after van collides with Helensburgh gym

30 Sep 2014 09:45

A MAN has been taken to hospital after his van struck a lamppost and hit a gym on Helensburgh's West Clyde Street.

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Cardross Golf Club finals day

22 Sep 2014 08:30

CARDROSS Golf Club Ladies held their Championship Finals Day on Saturday August 30.

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Mckiernan claims Ormond Medal

21 Sep 2014 08:30

GOLFERS at Helensburgh Golf Club contested the Ormond Medal on September 3 on a day of excellent weather.

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Helensburgh charity side take on legends

20 Sep 2014 08:30

A HELENSBURGH based project has banded together once again to raise money through the means of rugby,

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Cashmore looking for Burgh improvement

19 Sep 2014 08:30

HELENSBURGH may have got their season off to a winning start on Saturday but coach John Cashmore insists he wasn’t best pleased with his side’s display.

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UAE visit visa is the dream ticket

Getting a visa is one thing, but getting the right kind of visa quite another when it comes to relatively short-haul trips to Dubai.

4 Aug 2014 14:20

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Ruth Wishart: Women have earned a bit of selfie respect

3 Apr 2014 10:00

No, since you ask, I don’t do selfies! But enough folk now take self portraits on their own phone for the word to have become the most popular new entry to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Jings and crivvens as its editors probably didn’t say.

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Cara Nikolic: A pizza Italian history that swept the world

27 Mar 2014 15:00

If there is one meal that has achieved virtual world domination it has to be pizza.

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Ruth Wishart: Trust us, we're the MOD

20 Mar 2014 10:00

‘Trust us, we’re the MOD’, has never seemed a slogan with much of a comforting ring from where I’m looking.

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This week's new releases

KEVIN Bryan takes a look at this week's new releases:

22 Sep 2014 12:15

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Diving into Deep Sea adventure

5 Sep 2014 09:30

This is why we’re proud to be offering our readers a special discount for a trip to see this flagship attraction and maritime marvel, with a voucher which will either admit one child completely free (saving £7) when buying an adult ticket, or alternatively admit one adult at 20 per cent off the usual price.

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This week's new music releases

14 Jul 2014 13:45

KEVIN Bryan takes a look at this week's new releases:

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