A GARELOCHHEAD man who shed half his body weight has credited a diet consultant with saving his life – and helping him find love for the first time.

John McKichan, 45, weighed more than 32 stones when he reached out to Lorrie Gallacher last August.

The 45-year-old was bullied for his weight and was even forced to give up his job as a fisherman due to safety concerns.

But now, nine months on, his life is plain sailing after losing 17 stones, and has even met “his first proper girlfriend” – with the duo planning their first holiday together.

He said: “I’m not proud of what I was, but I am proud of what I have achieved. I couldn’t have imagined being were I am now and I never thought I’d get a girlfriend.

“I’m definitely not the same person I was.”

Since early childhood, John struggled with his weight a described himself as “the biggest boy in the class”.

In primary school he had the nickname “fatty” and although he said it was tolerable, the bullying continued into secondary school and even his workplace, which took its toll, particularly on his health.

John said: “I have always been pretty heavy, it was a combination of boredom and comfort I think, but I was happy in my own wee world. I never thought that my eating could be so damaging to my health.”

He ran the family business in Portincaple, working as a fisherman, but the long hours caused him to snack on convenience food and eat takeaways every day, allowing his weight to increase steadily over the years.

John’s eating habits resulted in difficulties with work and his mobility and personal safety became an issue.

Following a visit to his GP, with a BMI of 61.3, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes and an ulcerated leg, John stopped work and devoted his time to reducing his weight.

He said: “I needed to lose weight, it had to be done. I was struggling to walk, climb stairs and I couldn’t get into cars, mobility was becoming a real problem.

“One of my friends told me about the Cambridge Weight Loss Plan and I got in touch with Lorrie to see if she could help.”

John was put on a six-step programme, which includes meal replacement plan after Lorrie consulted with doctors.

Lorrie taught him how to shop for and cook healthy meals from scratch. She checked in with him regularly to make sure he was on track and enjoyed helping him on his weightloss journey.

She said: “Cambridge is a strict diet and people often have bad days but John never complained about being hungry. The weight fell consistently week on week and I saw his confidence grow.

“He did so well that he never even had Christmas dinner and has stuck to the plan. I’m so proud.”

John explained that at no point did he want to quit and that it was the little victories and Lorrie that helped motivate him to continue.

He said: “I couldn’t have done it without Lorrie, this diet has saved my life and she’s been great. The plan has completely changed me and I enjoyed buying new tops and jeans and seeing the difference.”

His confidence grew and in February he met his girlfriend Moira McBride, who is supporting him through the plan as well as taking it up herself.

She said: “I’m so impressed by everything he has achieved. To hear the amount he lost in such a short space of time was amazing and it has motivated me to join the plan to.”

John has referred a few people to the plan as proof that it works of you stick to it and is looking forward to seeing where he can go from here.

For more, To find out more about the plan contact Lorrie Gallacher on 07806523177 or visit cambridgeweightplan.co.uk, or call Lorrie on 07806523177.