RUGBY-PLAYING pupils at Lomond School in Helensburgh have taken part in a global initiative aimed at celebrating the 450th anniversary of the school which gave the sport its name.

James Guy and Calum Caskie headed to the scenic shores of Loch Lomond for the school's contribution to 'The Global Pass' - a scheme set up to connect as many former pupils of Rugby School as possible.

Inspired by the Olympic torch relay, ‘The Global Pass’ was initiated by two former Rugby School pupils as a means of connecting with as many Rugbeians as possible during the school’s 450th anniversary celebrations, and involves a rugby ball fitted with a GPS tracking device being ‘passed’ around the world, including sites relevant to the school, its history, and its former pupils. Photos and videos are being taken as the ball reaches each location on its journey.

For their part in the celebrations, James and Calum took The Global Pass to the scenic shores of Loch Lomond.

As well as photographs being taken, Lomond pupil Djordje Radenkovic recorded a short video. Both the photos and video will form part of the official record of Rugby School’s 450th anniversary celebrations.

Lomond School first became involved when Julia Barr, executive assistant at Lomond and a former pupil of Rugby School, received an email inviting her to take part in The Global Pass.

Julia said: ‘I was delighted to hear from fellow Rugbeians about this event, and very happy indeed that Lomond School has been able to play a part in this exciting initiative.

“Living on the west coast of Scotland means I am rarely able to make it to events at my former school, and it’s been fantastic not just for me to be part of the 450th anniversary, but also for our rugby players to make the connection with the home of the game.

“We have some very keen players and I know they have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this celebration and be part of Rugby’s history.’

Matthew Hodder-Williams and Toby Marsh, who created The Global Pass, said: “As Rugby School celebrates this important anniversary, we're really pleased to have Lomond School on board with The Global Pass.

“We are keen to involve not only former pupils, but also the communities within which they live and work, and we are delighted that Lomond School's rugby players have been able to take part in this historic event and that our ball has reached the stunning scenery of Loch Lomond.”

The GPS-tracked ball has now left the shores of Loch Lomond and is on its way to Ireland.

The ball’s global journey will take in countries including England, Wales, Italy, France, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United States of America, before returning to Rugby School during a Community Day celebration.