For our latest trip down memory lane in Helensburgh, we're going back 15 years to the story of the Helensburgh rugby players who became dads to 15 sons in the space of five years – producing enough boys for a future first team!

Here's how we reported the news in the Advertiser on June 3, 2004...

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A SPORTS team has already notched up enough players for the next generation.

Members of Helensburgh Rugby Club’s first XV have 15 sons who can go on to represent the town on the rugby field in future.

The 15 have been born to 10 fathers, with the most recent addition coming two weeks ago when Scott Smith weighed in at 8lb 11oz.

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Members of the first team have been producing the next generation over the past five years and three more babies are expected this year. The fathers-to-be are becoming nervous they might be the first to break the run and become a dad to a wee girl.

Graham Smith, 29, dad to two-week-old Scott, said: “There was a lot of pressure on me to have a boy and make up the 15.

“But I am now happy to pass that mantle on to one of the other lads.”

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Expectant father Nick Goodings, 32, said: “I must admit feeling slightly apprehensive in the run-up to my baby’s due date.

“The boys have joked that it’s up to me to keep up the run and give the team a reserve, but I have to be honest and say I’ll just settle for a healthy baby.”