For today's story from the Advertiser's archives, we're taking a nostalgic look back 15 years to one of the biggest events in Helensburgh's calendar – the Faslane Fair.

Here's how we covered the event in the Advertiser on June 24, 2004...

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THE RED Arrows provided a spectacular and fitting finale to the Faslane Fair which attracted a massive crowd on Saturday.

At about 5pm eager onlookers waited patiently at the end of the pier head car park to witness the aerobatics.

And despite the fact the calendar is nudging July the temperatures were freezing as a bitter wind whipped up the Firth of Clyde.

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But the shivering throng braved the almost icy conditions on the exposed pier and watched in awe as the sky daredevils displayed skills which required no margin for error.

At one stage the fantastic pilots flew just six feet ahead of one another at speeds of over 400mph.

And the display which lasted nearly half an hour also involved the jets careering towards each other on a seemingly collision course at a combined 800mph.

Shortly before 5.30pm the commentator urged the crowd to give a hearty round of applause and people gladly seized the opportunity to warm up their frozen hands with a generous burst of clapping, relayed to the cockpits of the Red Arrow’s jets.

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Then the pilots and their planes disappeared over the horizon for the short flight to Prestwick Airport.

Earlier people crammed into the tents and struggled to move up and down the aisles to see the selection of stands aiming to raise cash for dozens of worthy causes.

Other attractions included military demonstrations, dancing, bands and a re-enactment of a battle by the Sealed Knot.

Commander Bill Jones, chairman of the Faslane Fair Committee, said: “Saturday’s annual Faslane Fair went very well and according to plan, except for the rescue helicopter being called away with the Royal Marines fast roping team still on board.

“Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm and they returned very quickly to descend in good order on Helensburgh pier.

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“I think it was a fun day out for all the family and everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves.

“The weather, however, was very disappointing - the coldest June day that I can remember.

“Nevertheless, 1,000 people went on board HMS Campbeltown with a further 500 enjoying the cruises to see the naval base full of ships.

“It is too early to tell how much we have raised for CHAS.”