COUNCIL chiefs have given the go-ahead in principle for a new house to be built in Kilcreggan, despite objections from neighbours.

An application for 'planning permission in principle' to build on the garden ground at Fionn Dun, on Argyll Road, were rubber-stamped by Argyll and Bute Council’s planning department on Tuesday, July 16.

Concerns were raised by neighbouring residents about the plans by Jeffrey Eaglestone, including drainage issues and impact on the landscape.

But Mr Eaglestone’s proposals, drawn up by MH Planning Associates and described as a two-storey dwellinghouse with associated parking provision, were given planning permission ‘in principle’ by officials from the authority.

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MH Planning Associates said in their supporting statement: “Access will be taken directly from the adjacent road which is currently used as ancillary to the existing dwellinghouse of Fionn Dun.

“In terms of the proposed access to the site, it is considered that adequate visibility can be achieved that would allow for safe access and egress from the Argyll Road.

“The proposed access arrangement would be similar to that of the existing dwellinghouse of Fionn Dun, allowing an approximate seven metres length of access that would allow vehicles to enter the site, manoeuvre and park, and also exit the site in a forward gear.

“The site is located within an identified ‘Key Rural Settlement’, which encourages small scale sustainable forms of development.

“As the proposal is for a single detached dwelling, this would be considered as small scale and as such would meet policy requirements.”

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Meanwhile, Stephen Dawes submitted an objection on behalf of the residents of nearby properties Aomach Gorm, on Argyll Road, and Craigarran on Shore Road.

He said: “The submission of a planning in principle application is quite inappropriate and does not provide a sufficient level of detail for the proposed new dwelling.

“It is considered that the significant potential constraints can only properly be appraised and considered through a detailed planning application.”

Mr Dawes' letter to the council also stated that the application was not significantly different to previous applications lodged with the council in 2010 and 2011, both of which were withdrawn before a decision was made.

But planning officer Frazer MacLeod said in his report on the handling of the case: "The proposal is for planning permission in principle.

"Specific design showing scale, massing, materials etc will be assessed on the submission of a further application called Matters Subject to Conditions (AMSC application)."

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Another neighbour, Marion Hobbs, said the proposed new house would have a negative effect on traffic in Argyll Road; in his report, Mr MacLeod said that no road traffic safety concerns had been raised by council officials.