PLAIN clothes police carried out a drugs search on two men in Shandon last week.

The officers reportedly noticed an Audi A3 parked in a secluded area of the village at 12.30am on Thursday, August 15.

On approaching the vehicle, police believed the circumstances merited the two men in the car being detained for the purposes of a drug search.

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A quantity of cannabis was reportedly found during the search, and one of the men, a 20-year-old from Garelochhead, is now the subject of a report to the fiscal for the alleged possession of controlled drugs.

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In a separate incident, a man was arrested by police in Helensburgh last week after allegedly being found in possession of a quantity of drugs.

Officers attended an address in Williamson Drive at 5.30pm on August 12 in pursuit of a separate enquiry, and found the man, who was the subject of an apprehension warrant previously granted in court.

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The man was searched after being arrested and will be the subject of a report to the fiscal for alleged possession of cannabis as a result of the search.