For our latest wander down Helensburgh's memory lane, we're going...well, not just to Helensburgh, but all the way to Barcelona in fact.

Ten years ago we reported on a Burgh couple whose hunt for a new car led to their participation in a cross-Europe 'banger rally' – here's how we covered the news in the Advertiser on September 3, 2009...

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A BURGH couple’s search for a new car has turned into a one thousand mile adventure.

Jody Hopper and Peter Slavin are taking part in the trek from Calais to Barcelona, in the ‘Barcelona Bangers’ rally.

Jody explained how a simple car search took such an international twist.

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“We were looking online at cars because Peter was wanting a pickup," she said.

“We came across the Barcelona Bangers website which gave details about a madcap rally using vehicles worth less than £200.

“We just knew we had to go for it!

“It seemed like such a good idea when we were sitting in the comfort of our living room so we signed up.

“Though that was six months ago, now we only have two weeks to go and the panic about how disorganised we are has started to kick in!”

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Although it is not classed as a race, there are certain rules which participants must follow.

The car must be worth less than £200, and each team can’t consist of more than four people.

The rally is broken down into three stages, with the 420 miles from Calais to Lyon covered in the first day, followed by 200 miles to Nice the day after, and lastly the final 300 to Barcelona.