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I would like to reply to Maurice Corry MSP's column (Helensburgh Advertiser, October 24).

So, Maurice Corry MSP is fed up hearing about Brexit and bemoans: “We are now on our third prime minister since the referendum."

He goes on to state that: “We must respect the result or damage our democracy.”

True, Brexit is toxic, however, if memory serves me correct, was it not the Conservatives who needlessly unleashed the unnecessary referendum upon the electorate in the first place – opening up chasm-like divisions in our society?

Indeed, Maurice makes no mention that it was the current Conservative incumbent of Number 10 who fronted a leave campaign which carelessly flouted electoral laws, broke rules, and propagated perpetual misinformation; enabling an insidious, wilful, aberrant deception.

Interestingly, in keeping with character, said Conservative, having attained the position he coveted for so long, has deceived the monarch, unlawfully prorogued parliament in a vain attempt to frustrate the democratic process, avoided parliamentary scrutiny and repeatedly broken his word time and again.

Worse still, his ‘great deal’ with the EU is not only intrinsically inferior to the one negotiated by his predecessor (which he, and his cabal voted down twice in parliament), it sows the seed for the eventual break-up of the United Kingdom. This from a ‘Unionist’ party.

In the aftermath of the referendum, it is increasingly obvious that the electorate is now better aware of the uncomfortable truth about Brexit, and the Tories' real motives for such.

For this reason, the Conservatives fear a ‘People's Vote’. In all likelihood, the original result would not be ‘respected’, it would be rescinded.

As for ‘damage to our democracy’, Maurice Corry’s Conservatives have caused quite enough - and following the next general election, a Scottish Conservative will be as commonplace as the herds of haggis that roam our hillsides.

No wonder Maurice Corry is fed up with Brexit.

John Glyn Hughes, Abercromby Crescent, Helensburgh

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Instead of using his column last week to attack other parties, Tory MSP Maurice Corry would make better use of the space to explain the work he is doing on behalf of his constituents.

That's what I did when I was the local MP.

Perhaps Mr Corry could explain to your readers why he and his so-called Unionist Party want to break up the UK into different customs zones.

That's what Boris Johnson's deal does. Can Mr Corry give an example of another country in which businesses have to complete customs declarations in order to send goods from one part of their country to another?

Why did Mr Corry not advise people before they voted in the referendum that voting Leave would mean a customs barrier between Britain and Northern Ireland?

This unexpected customs barrier is just one reason why Liberal Democrats want to give people a vote on this Tory deal, either in a referendum or a General Election.

Alan Reid (Liberal Democrat candidate for Argyll and Bute)

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Apparently Question Time on the BBC had a member of the panel refer to Liberal Democrats as dangerous extremists, because we have been campaigning to give you, the people, a say on the terms of Brexit negotiated by the Government.

That say could be in a referendum or a General Election. We want to stay in Europe and protect and preserve the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, unlike the present Prime Minister who, so far, has tried to tear up the Good Friday Agreement, create a border in the Irish Sea, not stood by Scottish Unionists and has ditched several of his party's MPs all to bolster his inflated opinion of himself.

He wants a Brexit which will make Britain poorer, less safe and more isolated from the rest of the world, including Northern Ireland.

Many people are now agreeing with us and our membership has been soaring over the last few months.

So we've said that when there is a general election, and if we win a majority, we will revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit on day one.

Margaret Horrell (Convener, Helensburgh Liberal Democrats)

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I always look forward to reading the letters pages of the Helensburgh Advertiser and none more so than the musings of Finlay Craig of the Liberal Democrats.

In your October 24 edition he suggested that I should focus my attention on the SNP Scottish Government and not Argyll and Bute Council, having expressed an opinion on planning, the rising cost of community alarms and the delivery of health and social care services.

Let me respectfully point out to Mr Craig that I raise issues that constituents bring to me, issues whether local or national, that are of concern to them.

I try my hardest to be an assiduous constituency MSP and dealing with constituents concerns is a top priority for me.

Let me also assure him that, like many of the women I know, I am great at multi-tasking and he can be assured that I hold the Scottish Government to account at every opportunity and cannot ever be accused of letting them off the hook.

I will continue to do so, whilst trying to ensure that the two local councils that serve my constituency are the very best that they can be.

I hope he can agree with that sentiment.

Jackie Baillie (MSP for Helensburgh, Lomond, Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven)

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I was watching the England versus New Zealand rugby match on Saturday when within a few seconds of England’s first try I received a call from a former Sri Lankan colleague who lives in Tokyo.

“Congratulation on the early try – well done England,” he said.

I reminded him I am Scottish and always joke, ‘any team but England’.

He called me after the match to remind me that I am British so why was I not supporting England? Before I could answer he asked was it because of Boris Johnson? He said that most people of the Commonwealth he had spoken to were surprised, disappointed and disgusted in Mr Johnston’s disrespect for the Queen. Firstly by lying to her then causing discomfort to the 90+ year-old lady requiring her to travel to Westminster to make the Queen’s Speech knowing that it could never be implemented.

I feel sure that many of your readers will have heard from foreign friends, family members and acquaintances their bewilderment that the Conservative Party selected such a defective individual to be the Prime Minister. Several have said that Boris Johnson’s behaviour makes Mr Trump seem a decent human being.

There is no doubt that the international reputation and standing of the UK has dropped considerably under the last three Tory Prime Ministers. Under Johnson we have a Parliament where honesty, trust, respect, honour and decency no longer exist. It is not only the views of Europeans we have to be concerned about but how the world perceives the UK.

Tory inclined supporters and voters should switch their vote at the next General Election to a party that supports the UK and the EU for the good of the country and young people.

My Tokyo based friend was pleased to hear that I will be supporting England against South Africa next Saturday.

Finlay Craig, Cove

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Whether it’s dancing the rumba on Strictly, or taking on an Olympic athlete in a new sport – there’s not many things I won’t try.

That’s why I’m donning my apron and giving baking a go this month to support people affected by stroke.

I’m hoping everyone across Scotland will rise to the challenge and take part in Give a Hand and Bake to help raise vital funds for the Stroke Association.

Stroke really can strike in an instant and it changes lives forever. There are more than one million stroke survivors in the UK alone, which is staggering to me.

So many stroke survivors, young and old, are leaving hospital with some sort of disability and they need our support to help rebuild their lives.

The Stroke Association is a charity that’s very close to my heart. The charity’s Give a Hand and Bake campaign is a fun and delicious way to support their work.

We want you to roll up your sleeves, grab a mixing bowl and get your nearest and dearest together for a bake sale from October 28 - November 3.

I’ve never been much of a baker, so even if you go out and buy instead of bake (I won’t tell anyone), we just want you to get involved!

Need some inspiration? The Stroke Association has a handful of ideas for baking events to help you get started: just visit to download or request a pack.

Mike Bushell (for The Stroke Association)