PLANS for an Arrochar guest house to change its use to become a standard house have been withdrawn.

The owners of Fascadail House, on Church Road, had submitted the proposal to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority in March.

But the authority has now listed that Anne and Kevin Bax no longer wish for the plans to go ahead. No objections had previously been received from the public.

The property was previously put up for sale in March 2020, but no offers had been received to buy it as a guest house.

A report by Helensburgh-based MH Planning Associates quoted a response received from the National Park Authority after a pre-application inquiry was submitted in October 2020.

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The statement said: “The loss of the Fascadail Guesthouse would reduce the overall accommodation capacity in the area which has already experienced closures of accommodation in 2020.

“The reduction could impact upon the ability of visitors to stay within Arrochar, and this could have a secondary impact locally to some extent, with fewer overnight visitors who would engage with other local services which support the local economy.

“With that said, if it could be demonstrated that it is not possible to continue with the existing business due to lack of demand and lack of interest in its current use class, then the proposal could potentially be supported in principle.”

The Tarbet and Claymore Hotels in the area also closed last year following the collapse of owners Specialist Leisure Group.

However, the Tarbet Hotel was due to reopen on Monday, May 17, and the Claymore Hotel followed suit on Tuesday, June 1.

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