POLICE are looking into the poisoning of a family dog in Rosneath yesterday, they have confirmed.

Officers in Helensburgh attended the incident reported at 8.13am on Tuesday and raised a crime report under the Animal Welfare Scotland Act 2006.

Police said Argyll and Bute Council's dog warden had also been informed and enquiries are ongoing.

Yesterday, the Advertiser reported concerns raised by Lomond Veterinary Clinic after two dogs were poisoned in as many days.

The first incident was in Balloch Park on Monday where a dog ate a bag of sliced onions on the grass.

On Tuesday morning, Emma Rolling was walking her dog Samson. At the entrance to Howie Park in Rosneath, between Howie Crescent and the football field, there was a pile of sausages studded with "blue/green material", which might have been rat poison.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Samson is now resting at home after his ordealSamson is now resting at home after his ordeal (Image: Contributed)

Samson and the dog involved in the Monday incidentwere both admitted to the vets and had to have vomitting induced.

Emma, 36, told the Advertiser: "It was worrying. It definitely seemed deliberate as it was right at the end of the path between the road and the park.

"It feels unlikely that it was for vermin control, and the way it was piled in middle of path and hadn't been there the day before seems unusual.

"I can't believe this would happen here."

Emma said she hadn't seen vermin in the area before or traps or poison left out before.

Samson, a 13-year-old Labrador cross spaniel, was back home later on Tuesday and recovering.

Residents expressed concern on social media after the incidents.

Heather Smith wrote on Facebook: "Seen the damage this stuff can do to dogs. Please be vigilant as they bleed internally and usually fatal if emergency veterinary is not obtained."

Yesterday Karen Murphy, of Lomond Veterinary Clinic, advised pet owners to keep their dogs on leads and immediately call their vet if they suspect something was ingested.

She said the sausage was more concerning but they couldn't say it was an intent to harm dogs. It might have been aimed at rats but had unintended consequences.

Karen added: "We are urging pet owners to be vigilant and to consider keeping their dogs on a lead when walking them.

"It is unlikely the two incidents are related but we suggest that people keep a close eye on their dogs when walking them and also to contact their veterinary surgeon immediately if they suspect their dog may have ingested something they shouldn't have."

Argyll and Bute Council have been approached for comment.