THE group behind plans to bring community facilities in Rosneath back into use has reported seeing "some light at the end of the tunnel".

Volunteers behind the project say they have been negotiating with Argyll and Bute Council as they pursue hopes of signing a lease to take on the Howie Pavilion and the Princess Louise Hall as a combined facility.

They will still need to do a structural check on both buildings so they can determine how long it will take, and how much it will cost, to bring them back into use.

The update describes the Princess Louise Hall as currently being "unusable" because of long-term damage caused by water ingress.

In an update on the Princess Louise Hall group's website, they state: " A project timeline will be prepared and shared with our community once we have sight of those reports.

"Although the Princess Louise hall is unusable due to long-term water damage and general neglect, the Howie could still be of some use to our communities."

The group said they now need public input and will launch a consultation on their next steps.

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They also said the Peninsula Pipe Band was no longer going and all equipment, including drums, kilts, fleeces and more are being donated to the charity to support the hall's rejuvenation.

Drums will go to the Mid Argyll Pipe Band in exchange for a donation, said the charity.

There are still a number of childrens' kilts, waistcoats, fleeces ties and other items for sale. They will be made available at an open day to be arranged.

Last month the group received a grant of £2,446 from Argyll and Bute Council's Supporting Communities Fund towards the cost of consultation fees for a professional survey of the Princess Louise Hall, as well as travel, hospitality, stationery and equipment costs.

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