YOUNG people and talented photographers are being targeted by Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) as it launches a final push for contributions to its 'Vision for Helensburgh' project.

HCC has been gathering in the views of residents of, and visitors, to the town on what they think of Helensburgh, and how they would like to see it develop in future, for the last six months.

The group now plans to bring an end to the consultation phase of its project at the end of November.

But before they do that, they're keen to hear more thoughts from younger people living in Helensburgh and the surrounding area.

And they also want to see pepole with an eye for a good photograph sending in their pictorial impressions of Helensburgh.

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When the consultation phase – known by HCC members as the 'Discover' stage of the project – is complete, they'll then move on to the 'Define', 'Develop' and 'Deliver stages, with proposals to be unveiled at a public event in the town in the spring.

Norman McNally from HCC said: "Over the past six months Helensburgh Community Council’s online and paper-based surveys have been gathering feedback on how Helensburgh residents and visitors experience and value our town.

"Additionally, we have taken up information from several distinct Helensburgh groups – Hermitage Academy and Lomond School pupils, Grey Matters, Jean’s Bothy, and the Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank.

"We plan to close the Discovery stage of our project at the end of November and begin the Define stage by structuring and presenting the feedback and its emerging themes for future public presentation."

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Mr McNally said it was "no great surprise" to HCC to discover that almost half of its community feedback forms came from people aged 40 and above – an age demographic matched by feedback forms received from visitors to the town.

He added: "We are still seeking feedback from all the community, but are particularly keen to hear back from younger residents of the town and local area."

If you haven't already contributed your thoughts, community feedback can be provided at an online form here.

People who are visiting, or have recently visited, the town can fill in a separate form by clicking here.

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On the topic of pictorial contributions to the project, Mr McNally said: "We have had a load of photographs sent in, but there is still some time – until the New Year – to send your photos in.

"Look around, snap your impressions – just what you see and experience in Helensburgh, its immediate environment and what makes it special.

"Your snapshots of the town and surroundings will add to the rich record of Helensburgh’s community and setting that will accompany the proposals from Vision for Helensburgh at a public event in the spring."

Digital photographs (maximum of eight per individual submission, in JPEG format) can be emailed to

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